Installation RG 75

Use cornice brackets, spaced approx. 50cms apart, to affix the gutter to either the rafter or fascia. Take care to incorporate a decline of approx. 2-3mm per running meter of gutter, to ensure that rainwater can drain away reliably.

Stretch a double guideline at the highest and lowest part of the gutter bracket from the first to the last iron bracket.

Check the slope at the guideline once again.

Align the other gutter supports on the guideline.

Cut the gutter to size and lay in the cornice brackets.

Install the end piece of the gutter. This fits both left and right, but not over the drainage point support.

For the assembly of the gutter route it without cutting through the neck. Mark the hole for the rain water pipe. The hole that has been marked may now be cut out with a metal saw (or power drill saw).

With any sawing works: The edges must be deburred thoroughly.

Hang the gutter supports over the rear edge and click over the front bulge.

The connecting casing is mounted over the rear edge and the front bulge.

Pay attention to marking lines – snap-fit system!

If no downpipe can be mounted, we suggest a rainwater spout is installed.

A water drainage flap is ideal for collecting free rainwater in a butt, for watering plants etc.

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