poly-net leaf guard system

Marley's poly-net leaf guard system keeps gutters free of leaves

You know the problem well: leaves clutter up you gutter, and you're left with having to deal with the problem. Up to now, this involved cleaning the gutter regularly. But now all you have to do is insert Marley's poly-net leaf guard system into the gutter, and leaves can't get in any more. They merely rest on the rounded surface, dry out, and are swept away again by the wind.


Marley's poly-net leaf guard system is available in two sizes:

1. For RG 150 - 180 gutters
2. For RG 100-125 gutters and box-type gutters (up to RG 100)


Marley's poly-net leaf guard system is manufactured from polyethylene (PE), and

  • is unbreakable
  • is 100 % recyclable
  • is none-corrosive
  • is temperature resistant

Fitting instructions

The Marley poly-net leaf guard grilled pipe is available in 2m lengths, and is slit open lengthways. It should be fitted arching upwards, the tension thus generated ensuring it remains wedged into the gutter

Simply follow these instructions:

Step 1

Gently press together the grilled pipe and insert it into the gutter such that it wedges tightly between the pan and the outer bulge of the gutter.

Step 2

Cut out the opening for the downpipe. Remove any filters from downpipe.

Step 3

Cut the corners of the poly-net leaf guard pipe to an angle.

Step 4

To prevent birds from nesting in the pipe: cut and fold down the ends of the pipe.

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