Installation box-type gutter

1. Affix the cornice brackets at intervals of approx. 50 cm. Declining gradient: approx. 2.5mm per running metre of gutter.

2. Cut the box-type gutter to the appropriate length using a hacksaw.

3. Drill a hole for the drainage point.

4. Affix the gutter supports using Marley gutter adhesive.

5. Secure the gutter supports over the rear edge and front bulge. Gutter supports should be stuck with glue to box-type gutters.

6. Clean and stick on the end piece (can be used on either side).

7. A connecting casing is used to join two box-type gutter pieces together. The ends of the gutter pieces should be glued into the connecting casing.

8. Where the roof overhangs substantially, use an appropriate downpipe section to connect two bends.

9. Box-type gutter RG 70 on a garden shed, with downpipe type DN 53.

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