Desire for space with Marley folding doors.

Your home is the place which you should enjoy to the full every centimetre. In the end, every centimetre costs money.

Have you got the same opinion? Excellently! Then we may introduce: Folding doors of Marley. They create space to the enjoyment, because displacement, that is required by a customary door, is cancelled. And this saves a lot of place: You will have more set surface at the walls.

Narrow, winding passageways or the separation of space niches are no more problem. Maybe you are also glad about the optical effect: more place, more air! Or you wish a space divisor where there is still no door... With Marley folding doors you are create according to your images!

And if you think, folding doors would not be smart, then take a look to our assortment. This looks really good. And Marley folding doors complement your ambience perfectly. Since there is something for everybody. 

Advantages Marley folding doors

  • Impact-resistant, long lasting, high-quality plastic
  • Optimal form stability and fitting accuracy
  • Spare part service
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Top quality – Made by Marley

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