Made-to-Measure Folding Doors

Doesn’t fit? No such thing! Doors for individual requirements.

Unusual door solutions, stylish room dividers, practical covers for shelving, ...

Are you looking for a solution to unusual measurements? Perfect! The Marley bespoke folding doors are the ideal solution.

And we're generous about it: the maximum width is 5.20 m (double-leaf) and we can go up to 2.60 m in height, so everything is possible. Your bespoke folding door is manufactured to your exact needs and is delivered within approx. 6 weeks.

The lamellae are made from 11-mm-thick, double-walled plastic profiles and are pre-assembled. A panel to cover the guide rail is included. A floor stopper to lock the door in each position is also supplied for doors wider than 1.44 m or higher than 2.05 m.

Metal safety locks or asymmetric door division. Speak to us about your needs. We can do more than you think.

Need more information? Contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Combination of finish, lamella and handle

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Advantages Marley folding doors

  • Impact-resistant, long lasting, high-quality plastic
  • Optimal form stability and fitting accuracy
  • Spare part service
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Top quality – Made by Marley

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