Guarantee gutters

New and inimitable: 10 year guarantee for gutters

We persuade you day by day with the perfect quality of our products and a well-balanced price-achievement relation. We grant from now on

10-year guarantee for all Marley plastic gutters.

This guarantee is unique and is based on the experience which we have since a long time as a market leader for plastic gutters in the production and processing of high-quality plastics.

Guarantee conditions for gutter items

Marley Deutschland GmbH gives a 10-year guarantee on appropriately marked gutter items. Guarantee undertakings are made on the following terms and conditions:

  1. Gutter items of Marley Deutschland GmbH are produced in accordance with the latest state of the art. Gutter production is subject to a strict quality control and only top-class materials area used. We therefore guarantee that gutters are made of shock-resistant, high- class plastics, are extremely weather-proof, have a high UV and temperature stability and an optimal form of stability and preciseness. It is a simple and safe push-and-fit system with controlled expansion compensation for half round gutters. No other features are included in the guarantee.
  2. Although the products are robust and of high quality, certain climatic influences could lead to colour changes based on the latest state of the art and the guarantee does not include colour fastness therefore.
  3. This gutter guarantee is given on the assumption that the gutter is laid professionally. Appropriate handling, regular maintenance and conventional use in a suitable and appropriate environment are also a prerequisite. The handling and assembly instructions have to be observed in full. Any unauthorised alterations will cause the guarantee to lapse.
  4. The guarantee includes all defects, which are demonstrably due to a fault in material or processing. Marley Deutschland GmbH will rectify defects free of charge either by rectification or replacement. In the event of replacement, an identical product will be supplied with regard to its construction and/or price.
  5. Statutory guarantee laws remain unaffected. If the guarantee given by Marley Deutschland GmbH exceeds the legal guarantee, the guarantee shall not apply for legal warranty claims, especially the obligation to pay compensation or to assume transport and labour costs, etc.
  6. This guarantee is valid for 10 years as from the date of purchase. Guarantee undertakings shall only be made if the original invoice or sales slip is presented (stating the date of purchase and the name of the dealer) together with the defective product. Defect claims have to be reported to Marley Deutschland GmbH, Adolf-Oesterheld-Str. 28, 31515 Wunstorf without delay.

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