Material Groups

Following material groups are put out for quotation regularly:

1 Raw Materials

1.1 Polymers (PVC, PP, PPR)
1.2 Additives/ Chemicals

2 Metal Parts

2.1 Gutter and Sheet
2.2 Brass Fittings
2.3 Steel Parts (i.e. Pipe Clamps)
2.4 Other Metal Parts (Aluminium/ Stainless Steel)

3 Plastic Parts

3.1 Pipe and Profile
3.2 Fittings/ Injection Moulding
3.3 Sanitary

4 Other Production Materials

4.1 Electronics (i.e. Fans etc.)
4.2 Rubber (i.e. Lip Seal Rings)
4.3 Adhesives

5 Packaging/ Labelling/ Print

6 Investment and Services

7 Shelves and Shop Displays


If you would like to provide us with one of the above-mentioned materials or services, feel free to apply online to become a MARLEY supplier.

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