MARLEY DEUTSCHLAND GMBH is a member of the ALIAXIS-GROUP, a global business with over 100 companies in 50 countries, employing more than 15 thousand people.

At our site in Wunstorf MARLEY employs more than 400 employees.

As an international provider of products for the Do-It-Yourself industry we always strive to fulfill our customer's requests for best price and quality.

We are looking for reliable, competitive partners who can support us in this matter.

Supplier Registration

If you are interested in supplying us with raw materials, finished goods, components and services etc. then please register yourself for free in our supplier data base. This system is powered by POOL4TOOL, our technology service provider for supplier management and bidding processes. You can undertake this exercise by clicking on the link to the left titled "Supplier Application".

After registering please take your time to fill in our supplier questionnaire which will enable a direct integration for future enquiries and more efficient ways of communication between our companies. MARLEY will also share your registration with other Aliaxis businesses within Europe.

We thank you in advance and look forward to starting a new partnership.

Terms of Purchase

All purchase orders placed by MARLEY incorporate the Marley Deutschland terms of purchase which can be found in the link to the left titled "Conditions of Purchase".

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