Aerator and air vent DN 110 for seepage cubes

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Drainage cube air vent DN 110, black

EAN-Nummer: 4002644335018

Serves to vent the system. The vent can be mounted above or on the side of the seepage cube.
Attention: Only available in Germany!

Rainwater infiltration on the property: As a result of increasing partial or full sealing by buildings, car parks and roads, the sewer networks and sewage treatment plants are strained, especially in urban areas, and the risk of flooding is constantly increasing. In addition, the sealing of surfaces contributes to lowering the groundwater level and interrupting the natural water cycle.
Scope of delivery includes: 4 m² geotextile 200 g/m² Serves to protect the infiltration from dirt and is included with each infiltration cube for sufficient coverage. When using several geotextile sheets, an overlap of min. 50 cm is recommended.
Available as accessories: aerator and deaerator DN 110 (EAN 335018)


  • For the drainage of roofs, terraces, pavements and courtyard surfaces.
  • Promotes groundwater recharge and the natural water cycle
  • Relieves the strain on the public pipe network, serves as flood protection
  • Easy-to-install modular system incl. 4 m² geotextile
  • Simple rainwater infiltration on your own property
  • Reduction of rainwater charges
  • Promotes groundwater recharge and supports the natural water cycle
  • Relieves the burden on the public pipe network and contributes to flood prevention