Newsletter No. 2 / 2014


Greater safety, greater quality, greater value

In almost all areas of everyday life, seals of quality and certification make it easier for consumers to find reliable and high-quality products and services, manufactured according to standards that guarantee conscientious management of the environment and our resources. TheIFU-CERT seal on the Marley brochures provides you with this certainty.


• Constant quality control and the Quality Management Manual based on DIN ISO 9001 permanently ensure that work processes and the products themselves satisfy stringent quality standards. Additionally, the quality management certificate helps signal that all business processes take place according to transparent criteria and that the company mission statement includes a commitment to continuous improvement.

• With an environmental management system certified according to ISO 14001, we are laying the foundations for a documented process of continuous and verifiable improvement in our environmental management. Emissions, refuse and wastewater are reduced, natural resources preserved, and the employees are encouraged to look after the environment s in all that they do.

• The energy management systems based on ISO 50001 ensure continuous improvement in energy efficiency and the sustained exploitation of potential savings. This systematically and actively reduces energy consumption and energy costs.


Regular audits and certification procedures by IFU-Cert, a certification institute for management systems, confirms that Marley satisfies the high standards of ISO when it comes to quality, environmental protection and energy efficiency. IFU-CERT Zertifizierungsgesellschaft für Managementsysteme is accredited by Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS), the national accreditation centre in the Federal Republic of Germany. IFU-CERT auditors and specialists are qualified to meet the required standards and attend ongoing training to keep their expertise on the cutting edge of modern progress.


Who needs men?

Quelle: DIY Academy

Would you have guessed? DIY and women: The Association of Retail Businesses for DIY, Construction and Gardening (BHB) confirms that 43 % of customers in DIY stores are now female. So the market research institute Forsa set about identifying why women are so keen on brushes, hammers and drills, conducting a representative survey among 1,084 female customers in DIY markets. It indicates that 75 % do their own home improvements because it's cheaper than calling a tradesman. 60 % use it to boost their self-confidence. And every third woman drills and hammers because their partners are not up for it. Seeing as practice makes perfect whatever the subject, the DIY evenings that the stores put on specifically for women are extremely popular. The DIY Academy, which regularly organises women's courses also, confirms this finding. For instance, the number of courses rose from 59 in total over 2011 to 284 in 2013. Women are also keen on installation videos like the ones that Marley has on Women account for every fifth hit on a Marely film. And the topics they're looking for are demanding things like bathroom renovation, fitting gutters or laying HT pipes.

By the way: Miss DIY, chosen every two years by the DIY Academy, is the best example of female skill in the home improvements department. The winner is not just asked to apply wallpaper and paint; she also has to lay tiles and laminate flooring.


Colour, Colour, Colour

Trend researchers are unanimous: the future belongs to colour. And so one of the important trends at this year's IMM Cologne is: Colour, Colour, Colour. Blue, magenta, even petrol and saturated mustard hues or powdery pink are the dominant trends in this year's furniture; combined with white, grey or light wood, they create attractive highlights in shelves and cupboards. Even the otherwise purist design classics are going for the brighter look. And who'd have thought it? Now they seem fresher and somehow friendlier.


But decorative, colourful statements are not just restricted to the inside of your house; feel free to take them outside to the walls, too. For instance by creating vivacious highlights on projections, bases and balconies using the plastic gutters by Marley, available in more than just the standard colours of brown and grey, but also in the elegant special shades of anthracite, white and green or in metallic silver or copper. Depending on the colour selected, this will highlight the contours of the roof or match the guttering on the façade to harmonise with the window frames and front door.

Product of the month

The easy way to collect rainwater

People who use rainwater to water their gardens save money, protect the environment and also provide their plants with soft water from way up high, low in calcium. Marley is offering a new rain collector, child's play to assemble and just in time for the 2014 garden season. It is made of high-quality plastic and comes with a filter and overflow stop. The filter basket ensures that the rainwater tank is always full of fresh water and remains easy to clean. An overflow stop prevents the rainwater tank from overflowing. The rain collector can be switched from summer to winter mode with just one turn.

The new rain collector fits in downpipes with a diameter between 80 and 105 mm; it is attached to the rainwater tankusing the integrated hose connection with 25.4 mm (1“) and a hose section. Installation is completely easy and does not require you to dismantle the downpipe. The robust rainwater tank made of high-quality plastic is available in the colours grey and brown; its modern design and durability, also the ten-year warranty that Marley provides, are bound to prove convincing.

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