Fresh air - everywhere! For a better quality of life.

Stale and stinky:  If you are lacking fresh air but aeration is not an option, it could be due to a bathroom with no window, a kitchen with a tiny window, the cellar or a small bedroom with windows opening to a high traffic area.  Conference and meeting rooms are also not always properly aerated.  Sometimes even building structure characteristics make additional aeration necessary.

Or perhaps you don’t want to part with expensive heated air?

Stands to reason – you put yourself at risk by dispensing with additional aeration.  Cigarette smoke or noxious fumes from paint and cleaning products put your health at risk.  It becomes very serious when condensation from the kitchen, bath or cellar collects to form mould that puts your health as well as the building structure at risk. 

Clearly, this is not good.

Marley ventilation technology allows people and homes to breathe easy.  Regulated ventilation saves energy and provides fresh air – for a better quality of life.

Advantages Marley ventilation


  • Modern design
  • Quiet, energy-saving operation
  • Simple installation, easy to clean

Through-wall Systems

  • UV and flame-resistant
  • Suitable for wall thicknesses up to 480 mm

Ventilation grates

  • UV and flame-resistant
  • Modern design

Flat Duct Systems

  • Aerodynamic sections
  • Flame-resistant according to DIN 4102/B1
  • Simple installation


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