The Whisper Ventilator: Marley Silenzio

Nothing whispers better!

Your home is a place to retreat to and an oasis for relaxation. Fresh air and a healthy room environment are apart of this. Still, conventional ventilators often create noise that is not always considered an enhancement.

Marley Silenzio Ventilators are different in three ways:

1. 70% quieter than conventional units

Minimal noise level! The new Marley Silenzio Ventilators are ideal for aerating lavatories, bathrooms and rooms that are meant for relaxing. Disturbing motor noise is reduced to a minimum:  Marley Silenzio Ventilators only have a noise level of 36 dB(A) at one meter distance – much quieter than accustomed.

2. Three décor inserts for more quality of living

You can use the design area as an appealing eye-catcher and choose between three attractive décor inserts that fit your style with Marley Silenzio “STYLE.”

Sleek elegance is provided by Marley Silenzio model “PUR” without a design area.

Both models have a mechanical locking flap.

3. Significantly more capacity than others

Fresh air secured: The air channel and wall duct of up to 3 meters in length are no problem for Marley Silenzio Ventilators with an output capacity of 95m³/h. To compare: Conventional axial ventilators only have half the output capacity. Models MS 100 VN and MS 100 VFN come equipped with a time-delayed shut-off, adjustable to between 2 - 30 minutes. MS 100 VFN also has an additional humidistat adjustable to a relative humidity level between 50 - 90%.

Technical Data:

  • Supplied in 3 models –

    • Silenzio MS 100V “PUR” (EAN 322292) and
    • Silenzio MS 100 VN “STYLE” (EAN 322308) with delayed shut-off control
    • Silenzio MS 100 VFN “PUR” (EAN 322322) with delayed shut-off control and moisture sensor

  • Output capacity 95 m³/h
  • Aeration distance up to 3 meters
  • Low noise-level = 36 dB(A) at one meter
  • Dual mounted motors for more durability
  • Ideal for humid and damp areas IP 24
  • Double insulated
  • Back pressure lock grate that can be adjusted +/- 5o after ventilator installation
  • The time-delay and humidistat sensitivity can be adjusted on the unit prior to installation. Attention: A two-phase is necessary for installation. 

Advantages Marley ventilators

  • Modern design
  • Quiet, energy-saving operation
  • Simple installation, easy to clean

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