Modern design: Marley Fine Line

Fine Line ventilators that have a modern design for the ventilating of rooms up to approx. 30 m� are easy to install, are especially quite during operation, offer spray water protection and have a low consumption of energy. Fine Line ventilators are axial ventilators and forward the air similar to an "aeroplane propeller". Therefore, they are especially suitable for forwarding large amounts of air over short distances.

Your advantages to let you breath better

  • Modern design with minimum mounting height
  • Self shutting backflow protection connection
  • Very high moisture protection IP 25 (MF 100, 125)
  • Automatic ventilation when needed with moisture sensor and post-run (MF 100 VFN)

Advantages Marley ventilators

  • Modern design
  • Quiet, energy-saving operation
  • Simple installation, easy to clean
Spray water protected IP 25

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