Turning and pivoting point for an excellent climate

Let it flow: Marley Ventilators have an airflow capacity from 80 to 305 m3 per hour! Depending on your requirements, Marley offers suitable ventilators for nearly every type, size and location of room that you want to ventilate – long distance capacities are included.

Fasten in any position: Marley ventilators can be built into the wall or ceiling. Operation is surprisingly simple. Ventilators can be installed using a light switch. Or would you like to automate your ventilator – no problem: Marley offers ventilators with a time delayed shut-off, motion sensor or humidity sensor. 

Fresh air: Marley ventilators

  • Durable
  • Quite and energy efficient
  • Controls and sensors for comfort and cost-efficiency
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Safety tested
  • Anti-backflow valve limits warm air loss

Marley ventilators accord to the following terms:

  • Advantages Marley ventilators

    • Modern design
    • Quiet, energy-saving operation
    • Simple installation, easy to clean


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