High performance: Marley Top Line

Top Line ventilators are a typical Marley device with a high performance level and a continuous quiet operation and lowest consumption of energy. With its attachment diameter of 100 mm and 125 mm it can be connected to venting pipes, flexible hoses as well as HT and KG pipes (spigot end). Top Line ventilators are axial ventilators and forward the air similar to an "aeroplane propeller". Therefore, they are especially suitable for forwarding large amounts of air over short distances.

Your advantages to let you breath better

  • Spray water protected according to IP 24
  • Automatic electric connection (V)
  • Especially economical ventilation through designs with delayed post running (VN2)
  • Control lamp


CS3-1B, in-wall overrun relay adjustable delay start (up to 3,5 min) and adjustable overrun time (max. 1:30h)

Advantages Marley ventilators

  • Modern design
  • Quiet, energy-saving operation
  • Simple installation, easy to clean

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