Ventilation for hot-air dryers

  1. plastic connecting supports, for pipes of 100 mm Ø, fits all hot-air dryers
  2. pipe clamps, zinc-plated, for pipes of 80 - 130 mm Ø
  3. Flexible ventilating pipe, aluminium, non-flammable, heat-resistant up to 200°C, extendable
  4. connecting sleeve, zinc-plated sheet steel, to connect to flexible aluminium ventilating pipes or flexi ducts of 100 mm Ø
  5. Wall connection supports, tube connections on both sides
  6. Telescopic tube, extendable up to a wall thickness of 480 mm
  7. Extractor hood 140 x 140 mm with tailback vent, for pipes of 100 mm Ø, or
  8. ventilating grille 140 x 140 mm, for pipes 100 mm Ø (remove fly screen to prevent fluff build-up) or
  9. Automatic back flow shutter flap, pipe connection 100 mm Ø

Ventilation requires fresh air supply

Plastic door screen
Size 452 x 92 mm, fresh air circulation through 198 cm² according to DIN 18017 standards.
Colours: white, brown, limba, mahogany

further sample applications

Advantages Marley ventilation grilles

  • Made of weather proof cadmium free plastic, corrosion resistant for a longer life cycle
  • With additional possibilities for modification on the mounting frame

Advantages Marley wall breakthrough systems

  • Made of weather proof cadmium free plastic, corrosion resistant for a longer life cycle
  • Extendable up to 480 mm wall depth


Marley ventilation grilles available in different colours are especially UV stable. This prevents yellowing, meaning their brilliant, white surface will last for years to come.



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