Air to every corner

The simple way to an ideal room climate

You wish that you had hygienically clean air in your living and working area? Then, the Marley Components for regulated ventilation are your correct selection.
Pay attention to the colours - they guide you to the ideal room climate - step for step.


Excellent capacity thanks to latest technology – safe, quiet, energy-efficient – in a modern look. Select your favourite fan from the extensive Marley assortment – depending on the room type and room size.

Flat channels and round pipe systems:

Optimum cross-sections enable maximum exhaust air capacity of the dust extractor hood. UV-resistant and low flammability.

Door- and ventilation grilles:

Durable stainless steel- and easy-to-process plastic grilles for each installation situation, non-fading colour and exceptional design.

Wall breakthrough systems:

For a healthy living atmosphere. Requirement-based air replacement and protection against mildew.

Every house consists of three different atmospheric areas:

  1. An aeration area, where the fresh air flows in as quiet as possible and without a draught.
  2. An overflow area where the intake air and the outlet air areas connect with each other. Typical example: The door with door grates and slits.
  3. An extracted air area where larger amounts of air can be exchanged. Humidity and vaporous air from cooking are derived from this area. Kitchens, bathrooms, bathrooms without windows and utility rooms that lie inside buildings require ventilators.

Advantages Marley ventilation


  • Modern design
  • Quiet, energy-saving operation
  • Simple installation, easy to clean

Through-wall Systems

  • UV and flame-resistant
  • Suitable for wall thicknesses up to 480 mm

Ventilation grates

  • UV and flame-resistant
  • Modern design

Flat Duct Systems

  • Aerodynamic sections
  • Flame-resistant according to DIN 4102/B1
  • Simple installation


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