Air extractors in kitchens

DUO - patented ventilating and fresh air system for optimal performance of extractor hoods.

DUO - one wall breakthrough, two-fold benefit: the extractor hood draws steam and cooking odours through the ventilating box to the outside. At the same time, the fresh air system supplies fresh air according to need, when doors and windows are closed. The advantage:

  • Only one wall break-through is needed for both air extraction and fresh air supply
  • Easy installation
  • Air circulation fitted to need
  • Extractor hood connected with flat channel system or flexible ducts.
  • First-class air quality.

Not suitable for open fires.

And this is how DUO works:

Extractor hood out of action Vents for outgoing and incoming air are closed.

Extractor hood in action, windows and doors closed The stream of air circulating through the extractor hood opens the outgoing vent. The atmospheric pressure in the rooms sinks, causing the incoming vent to open; fresh air streams into the room.

Extractor hood in action, windows and doors open The stream of air circulating through the extractor hood opens the outgoing vent. The incoming vent remains closed, since fresh air is entering the room via the open door.

DUO - Installation options

Flat pipework: 150|53, 150|70, 150|80 (in mm)
Ventilation ducts: 125 mm , 100 mm

Flat pipework (particulars in mm)
Directly connected to extractor hood
Ventilation ducts (particulars in mm)

Advantages Marley flat pipework

  • Simple, solid pluggable systems with precisely fitted connections
  • Made of cadmium free plastics, shock resistant
  • Flame resistant according to DIN 4102/B1


Fire prevention in the kitchen – a "hot" topic – Marley flat pipeworks are flame-resistant and certified according to DIN 4102-B1



Everybody can do it: Connect your extractor hood to the flat pipework yourself and transport cooking fumes outside.


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