Installation Duplex gutter

1. Use cornice brackets, spaced approx. 40cms apart, to affix the gutter to either the rafter or fascia. Take care to incorporate a decline of approx. 2-3mm per running meter of gutter, to ensure that rainwater can drain away reliably.

2. The brackets can be adjusted up to 25°, such that they can be installed on slanting rafters and fascias.

3. The duplex gutter can be installed without problem on corrugated sheets or double web sheets with the aid of special brackets. The upper part of the bracket can be wedged into the gap between the double web sheets until it is well clamped in.

4. No problem: installing the gutter on the roof itself. Bend the flat plate, screw the cornice bracket in tightly and mount the gutter.

5. Marley Duplex gutters can be installed on the sides of the rafters - without having to remove the roof tiles - using a cropped fascia bracket and a plastic cornice bracket.

6. Cut the Duplex gutter to size using a fine-toothed saw.

7. Gutter end pieces can be used for both sides. Affix these using Marley gutter glue.

8. Mark the holes for the gutter supports.

9. Saw out the holes for the gutter supports.

10. The RG 50 leaf-catcher prevents the downpipe from getting blocked up with leaves such that rainwater can no longer pass through.

11. If no downpipe can be mounted, we suggest a rainwater spout is installed.

12. A water drainage flap is ideal for collecting free rainwater in a butt, for watering plants etc.

13. One downpipe may be used to drain two sides of the building with the aid of a NW 50/50 pipe joint.

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