Folding door Edition black & white

EDITION black&white - doors with two attractive sides

Marley has added two trendy designs to its range of folding doors with the "Edition black&white" themed doors: choose from the lively big city "Skyline" theme and the natural and peaceful "Forest". Both themes cover the full height of the door. The unprinted side of the door is finished in neutral white for an exciting contrast to the printed side. The new themed folding doors offer two attractive design options with their different sides. The silver-effect handle emphasises the trendy design of the folding door. 


Quick and easy to install

The single-leaf themed folding doors fit any standard frame and come pre-assembled. This makes installing the new Marley folding doors a simple DIY job. Unpack, fit the rail and handle, hang the door and you're ready for modern trendy living!

Advantages Marley folding doors

  • Impact-resistant, long lasting, high-quality plastic
  • Optimal form stability and fitting accuracy
  • Spare part service
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Top quality – Made by Marley

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