Neatly packaged with the Marley Conduit System

Technology is our friend: Home and workplaces are equipped with many different kinds of technical equipment. Most of them have permanent, specified places or are permanently installed. The result: Cables and lines of every kind run openly across the wall, carpeting or work surface – not to mention the jungle of cables at the desk, high-end equipment and multiple electrical outlets. 

This is not always appealing and can lead to problems. Movement and mechanical pressure can damage cables and equipment. Above all, a multitude of dangers can result from tripping to inadvertent damage, such as through transport of heavy equipment, child or animal contact with open cable, fires and electrical shorts! During renovation and new installation, additional electrical lines also need to be safely accommodated. 

The clean and secure solution is called: Marley Cable Protection for Electrical Lines. Lay your cable and electrical lines quickly and easily with Marley – above or below wall surfaces and directly to equipment – and "exposed strips" are a thing of the past.

Advantages Marley cable ducting

  • Installation canals, stiff and adaptable installation pipes
  • different dimensions and colours
  • Technically coordinated on different operating ranges
  • Easy and quick laying

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